Hong Kong and San Fran airport | Feb 1 2014

A 40 hour Sunday I think can be defined as a long day. A very long day.


And yet, with all our fatigue, once we landed in Hong Kong for our stopover, you could have dropped me anywhere in that airport, spun me round a few times, and I still would’ve known exactly where to go for HongKong’s Disneyland airport store. We went twice just so I could stand grinning in front of huge Chip and Dale stuffed toys, and contemplate how the cute dishes they sold could work in our home. (The theme we’re looking at doing is beach house- greys, whites, blues. I was holding black and red…)



We had 6 hours to kill before our flight to San Fran, so wandered around the airport. There were replicas of important Hong Kong buildings (I’m assuming based on their city’s history).



But my favourite was when we wandered through a mini exhibition an ancient medicine.



One information stand explained about pressure points and how it could help with flying. We’ll blame the following conversation on the drawings…

Jamie ‘look! If you squeeze here on your arm…’ *squeezes my arm*  ’…It’ll help with bloating!’

me: ‘Jamie? That’s an image of a leg…’


Arriving in San Fran for our stopover before heading onto Vegas saw us beelining for a pub for food (fried with gooey melted cheese and flakes of bacon.) and beer. Hello USA! I love that you can get beer in aluminium bottles.

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