Highlights of our Queensland trip:

Polar bear bombies. You could almost imagine him call ‘Geronimo!’ as he did a bombie into the pool onto the other polar bear. We missed the photo op, but he torpedoed through the water pretty pleased with himself afterwards.

polar bear SeaWorld Queensland

The king sized bed at QT hotel. You can roll and roll and not reach the other person. Maybe I could just fill our bedroom in the new house with a bed?

queensland sunshine coast QT hotelqueensland sunshine coast-1-4 queensland sunshine coast-1-7 queensland sunshine coast-1-8

Sitting outside at night near the ocean devouring a heaped bowl of chili prawns in a creamy sauce at My Oliver’s Kitchen, part of Surfers Paradise Surf Life Saving Club. Our food had barely hit the table before our forks were plunging prawns into our mouths, plunking their tails off and lining their two pronged ends along the bowl’s border.

Penguins. Nuf said.

Finding out Fortitude Brewery is going to have bottled beer available with Bad Wolf, Dorian Gray and Red Ryeding Hood labels. My book loving heart is singing with happiness.

queensland sunshine coast queensland sunshine coast fortitude breweryqueensland sunshine coast fortitude brewery queensland sunshine coast fortitude brewery

Getting soaked on Seaworld’s StormChaser and finding the ‘closed’ Wide West Falls was actually open.

queensland sunshine coast wild west falls movieworld

The Skywalk at Mt Tamborine.

queensland sunshine coast skywalk mt tamborinequeensland sunshine coast skywalk mt tamborine

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