This Time Last Year… A wander down Paris streets

Some photos since I never posted while I was travelling.

This time last year I was wandering from the Arc du Triomphe (where our hotel was) to the Louvre…

Excerpt from my diary

“Arrived in Paris. Mist started in. After getting fixed up at the airport, we bought museum passes, before hopping on the RER… with big heavy luggage. Huge mistake. It took 3 lines to get to the hotel, all while having to round up mom constantly as she just started to wander… and always in the wrong direction without checking. Luggage couldn’t roll off the train, it had to be lifted on and off. It got stuck going through ticket gates… but just with me of course. Mom left me to stumble through with what minimal French that I knew and a whole lot of wild hand waving. And we were told trains in Paris were easy. Trains between Paris and airport do not count. When we finally got to our stop, we were faced with a large amount of stairs. No lifts. And my luggage, ready for a 3 month trip. I was fuming (mostly because I recommended a taxi). My face must have been as red as a tomato, and my mom’s laughter at my being left with dealing with everything didn’t help.

And all that was just by 11am.

After a sleep, we wandered to the Arc du Triomphe, just around the corner from our hotel, Acacias Etoile (highly recommended). One block away we had to turn back, as my batteries hadn’t recharged. So we tried again. Sauntered from the Arc down (and I mean, allll the way down) the Av des Champs Elysees to the Louvre. We photographed along the way but by the time we got down I had pinched a nerve, had feet that had swelled and a sore back. (I look back now… ohhhh poor diddums!!!) The Louvre was put on hold for another day.”

Looking back, I find the whole situation hilarious. At the time, it wasn’t. It was a terrible way to start a trip. But a memorable one. Fortunately I have some nice photos to show for the first day.

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