Yanchep to Esperance via Wave Rock-March 24th 2013

That’s 9 hours of driving right there. Nine. long. hours. 776 kms. We passed only 8 towns. When I say towns, some of these were just gas stations. Maybe another building or two. If you were in the US, that would probably be like driving from California, straight through Arizona.

In a nutshell, this is what we saw.

Road. Lots of road.


And road trucks.


Half way through the drive, we headed towards, what we thought was a field of lavender because of the shade of purple (in hindsight, it was too dark and dull). The ‘field’ was actually just a funny colour of grey ‘stuff’. Grass? Brush? We still don’t quite know.

Wave Rock



Lots of flies. And all this so we could pretend we were surfing a rock wave.


Or playing Mickey in Fantasia.



But what I’ve been excited the last few years for, was the chance to stand with a hippo mask in front of Hippo’s Yawn.



And to be a hippo ballerina.



Mission, complete.



We finally made it to Esperance. A drive around Pink Lake, proved itself to not be a pink lake. Although the pink is slowly coming back apparently. The colour happens when the¬†alga in the lake is salty enough, warm enough, with enough light, at which point it begins to accumulate¬†beta carotene. Then, on the bottom of the lake, pink ‘halobacteria’ forms in the crust of the salt.

In total we actually were in the car for 11 hours, after we decided to try getting a camping spot at Lucky Bay. Not so lucky.

So we ended up staying at Pink Lake Tourist Park, having a hilarious night (somehow we thought we’d both fit sleeping in the back of the car. We slept wedged and woke up with aching muscles. The next night we slept with our feet up against the seats. I hear it’s good for blood flow! Next time, dual cab.

It drizzled rain, while we curled up and drank ‘Old Rosie’ (a brand of apple cider) out of makeshift wine glasses- the top half of water bottles cut off.


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