queensland sunshine coast

Highlights of our Queensland trip: Polar bear bombies. You could almost imagine him call ‘Geronimo!’ as he did a bombie into the pool onto the other polar bear. We missed the photo op, but he torpedoed through the water pretty pleased with himself afterwards. The king sized bed at QT hotel. You can roll and roll and […]

Dad’s Favourite Peanut Butter Cookies recipe

peanut butter cookies recipe - seasaltair.com

We’ve been making these cookies for almost 20 years now. Found in the recipe book of a ‘Family Favourites Cookbook’ when we still lived in Canada, this book, part of the school’s fundraising, has been toted around the world to Australia where, every Father’s Day, birthday, and Christmas the recipe gets pulled out and put to […]

In The Moment | September 5 2014

in the moment september 2014

Sometimes you need to stop and recap what’s going on it your life. Thankful for… Storage sheds. It keeps people’s lives and relationships in tact. The motto to live by? ‘Don’t get mad, get storage’. My physical diary. It is my brain dump each day of ideas and to-do’s so I can focus. Recent thought bubbles… […]

Spray painting chandeliers and pendant lights

spray painting metal chandeliers

It’s amazing what a coat of paint can do. Whether it’s an entire room or piece of furniture, it can change the feel of a place. My parent’s live in an older home, Tudor style, also known as Medieval Revival, with its steep pitched roof, leaded-glass windows and half-timbering detail. Unfortunately, brassy light fixtures in the front hall […]

Basil Parmesan Pesto recipe


The basil goes nuts in my herb garden. Which is reassuring considering all my other herbs, are in struggletown. Unfortunately when the basil goes nuts, so do the snails. They apparently have a real taste for it. I give the leaves a few good washes before using, but there’s nothing wrong with them. Just a […]

Rideau Ferry, Ontario; July 24th 2013

Colder morning. Sun’s only begun to blink its eyes. Cool breeze whips the leaves into a frenzy outside. Snuggled as deep into the blankets as I can go. Loon calls in the distance. Crows manically scream out. A train in the distance. Everything muffled from this overcast weather.  

Rideau Ferry, Ontario; July 22nd 2013

“Our feet tucked up under us on plastic chairs. The sun creating a trickle down our back.The grating purr of an outboard motor and its occasional thump as it hits a wave. Revving and hitting a tone higher. Several seconds later, the water makes its way to us and slaps its hands against the rock […]