Hong Kong in 55 Hours; The first 24 hours

The upside of being tiny is that you curl up well, like a cat, on most seats. Which particularly came in handy when I found myself catching some shut eye on a Thursday night Cathay Pacific flight bound direct for Hong Kong. A few hours of catching zzz’s, and I was ready to hit the […]

A Coffee Lover’s Dream; Nespresso

While it’s still December (and there it goes…) I thought I’d recap on an event I attended early in the month. As many will know by now, Nespresso has opened it’s second Perth boutique on Murray Street. Nespresso lovers I knew were tap dancing when they heard the news! To say the least, the boutique […]

The Suite, Shenton Park

This may have been the first time I’ve been out to eat in Perth, where the price was below $15, the meal was fresh, and filling enough, where I couldn’t finish it all. My friend, Jess, over at The Tales Compendium, chose this place in Shenton Park for a lunch catch up last week. This […]

San Churro, Subiaco

A quote for foodies to live by — Better to have enjoyed & made a mess than to never have enjoyed at all. Although I think that quote applies to most aspects of my life… and home! *ehem* Wave one of those churro babies under my nose and I’ll drop my gluten free diet in […]

Alaturka, Subiaco

Our experience with Alaturka began with the purchase of a lunch voucher, for two manti pasta dishes and two glasses of wine. I had never been to a Turkish restaurant before, so didn’t know what to expect. Kiwi, on the otherhand, knew exactly what manti was. ‘Manti? I love manti!! When do we go?!?” I […]

That Little Mexican Place, Victoria Park

Mexican Hot Chocolate ($6) ┬áTo use one word to describe this place, it would be ‘authentic’. When you first walk in, your eyes take a while to adjust. The place is dimly lit with reddish lit chandeliers and at first can cause a bit of disorientation. But once seated in this simply laid out venue, […]

The Albion, Cottesloe

I had my first rugby experience the other weekend. It seems that both Aussies and Kiwis alike come out of the woodworks at The Albion in Cottesloe on Saturday nights (my kiwi included). The atmosphere is really comfortable here- cosy, traditional, with a slight rusticness due to the decor (which I love). This place has […]

Black Cockatoo Cafe

On the way home from Albany, we stopped at the Black Cockatoo Cafe to stretch our legs and fill our tummies. This may be a small cafe, and the only stop for food around, but the foccacia? It could beat some of the cafes in Perth, hands down. My kiwi had the BLAT and chips- […]

Lava Stonegrill

I had read reviews before going, and quickly I was a little wary. The most recent reviews on urbanspoon weren’t that great, and like those reviews, we had purchased a cudo voucher. At the very least I was expecting to be entertained by the concept of using volcanic stone as heat plates. What we got, […]

Pronto, Claremont

Sometimes the best medicine is a good full bowl of deliciousness. And on the night I went to Pronto, that is exactly what I got. Located on Bayview Terrace in Claremont, the inside is warm and toasty from their pizza oven fired up. We hadn’t booked and, crazily, went in on a Thursday night. We […]