On The Terrace, Claremont

Toblerone cocktail The Toblerone cocktail is what I came for- creamy, chocolatey, alcoholic (the drink, not me). Don’t try to figure out the calories in one, just indulge in decadence. But what started as a ‘let’s go out for a quiet drink’, somehow ended up as a light meal out. That’s what a good food […]

Sunset Bar, Intercontinental, Bali

 A lobster dish for 2 included: Lobster gazpacho shooter: Gazpacho with Asian flavours, lobster and crunchy vegetables Lobster fritters: Crispy friend lobster tempura fritters served with coriander tartar sauce Lobster: 450g lobster grilled over the charcoal grill Mesclun leaves and balsamic vinaigrette Grilled corn French fries Garlic butter and washed down with a small pitcher […]

Jimbaran Gardens Bar & Restaurant- Intercontinental, Bali

 Frozen Daiquiri Organic Beetroot Salad, a combination of orange fillet, papaya, roasted fennel, red bell pepper confit, bocconcini and balsamic vinaigrette 6 Mixed Balinese satays- chicken, beef, lamb served over smouldering coals, with peanut sauce, acar and gado gado on the side. The correct response would be ‘yummmmmmm’ And I have to learn how to […]

Cafe Cafe, Subiaco

I love bagels. full stop. Every visit back to Canada begins with a streak to Tim Hortons. Sesame Seed bagel, toasted with light cream cheese, and if in the right season, a large hot apple cider to finish it off. Ohhh, makes my toes curl with happiness just thinking about it! Unfortunately the bagels in […]

Pollys Coffee Bar, Perth

Polly’s Coffee Bar has situated itself perfectly (and smartly) in the heart of Perth’s Cultural Centre. After a dash out from a weekend workshop with only 15 minutes to find, buy and chomp, Polly’s came as a relief. Their very fresh foccacia bread is mouthwatering, and I couldn’t go past the roasted lamb with tzatski, […]

Lemon Lane, Claremont

Chomping down on warm buttery slices of tasty rye toast with two decent soft poached eggs balanced on top, it’s a good way to start your Saturday morning. Their juice is fresh and a nice blend, and their chai lattes are, I’m assuming, the usual powder blend (you can’t go wrong with it). The service […]

Citrine Cafe, Claremont

Placed strategically in the courtyard of the Saint Quentins Claremont apartments, lies Citrine Cafe. The atmosphere reminds you of how you’re supposed to spend the weekends. Away enough from the Claremont Quarter to avoid the stampede of people, you settle back. The staff were friendly, and the service relatively quick. I can’t vouch for the […]

The Lake House, Denmark

The last thing any cafe or restaurant would want is a pack of snarling hungry bears turning up at their doorstep. Which is why (visible) signage is so crucial (any places to eat between Walpole and Denmark, take note of this). Many growls from the stomach and even more U-turns later, we finally made it […]

Mondo Nougat Factory

Settled snugly within the Swan Valley along the Great Northern Highway, lies the Mondo Nougat factory. Here you can pick up a wide variety of their gluten free nougat bars *Apple & Cinnamon!* *Cappuccino!* or watch nougat being made through the large glass window. While not big, they have a nice selection of cakes and […]

The House of Honey & The Sticky Spoon Cafe

The one stop shop for my honey buying treats for Easter, The House of Honey is filled with cute to delicious choices. For kids you can buy bee umbrellas or rain boots, hand creams for the women in you family, or sample The House of Honey’s wide range of honeys and honey products. Marinate your […]