Mandurah Crabfest

They say the messiest food is often the best. If you were judging by the aftermath I left from eating Red Manna Waterfront Restaurant’s Chilli Plum Crab with Jasmine Rice at the Mandurah Crab Fest, you’d probably believe I had had one of the best feeds of my life. And you’d probably be correct. (above […]

Perth Food Festivals; Rockingham Musselfest

These past few weeks have been spent taking on several of Perth and surrounding’s food festivals with gusto (and plenty of napkins). First up was Rockingham’s Musselfest, with stalls laden with food and a cook off… attempted in 38oC heat. And while the pressure was on between an apprentice, a Navy cook and two chefs, […]

‘Look out for the treeeee…..’

‘Look out for the treeeee…..’ is all my cousin would have heard as she came barrelling down the hill before bouncing off of it. It was this time last year that we (my cuz, sis, her bf and myself) had the marvellous idea of tying two GT racers to the back of the four wheeler […]

Southbound; Day 3

The last day of the south trip began with… Christmas shopping! Target Country had a sale on ornaments so I skipped in and came out heaving two big bags. Then we got on the road heading back to Perth, with a stop, and now my favourite part of Margaret River, at the Natural Olive Oil […]

Southbound; Day 2

Whilst waiting for dad to wake, mom and I took a stroll up to Gloria Jeans. Yes I know I could get this anywhere, but I saw the paper coffee cups and am now eyeing up the Christmas travel mugs. Cuteness!! Tried out the White Chocolate Macadamia Latte, although something colder would have been more […]

A Gourmet Trek; Southbound; Day 1

The Southwest of WA is filled with a cornucopia of gourmet experiences. Wines, cheeses, seafood, chocolate, olives… So I’ve headed down south for 3 days to be a gluttonous pig. Let the gorging begin… A stop at Busselton meant a sidestep to ‘The Goose’. Opted for a simple Caesar Salad. Tasty, fresh but menu was […]

Cambridge, MA 2009

Firstly, let me state that I love Cambridge. Love love love. I went last year to do some research on my family history , so in reality, I spent most of my trip with my nose to the ground, bum up in the air, trying to read really old tombstones. Lovely imagery, I’m sure. But […]

Hanover, ON; October 2009

Off from Paris and home to Canada. The first day in Hanover and we made a bee line for the Halloween section in Walmart. Of course. We went for walks. And crab crawled across swaying bridges. The changing colours of fall. And my beautiful attire to keep myself warm. No high heels here!!!

MoMu Fashion Museum; Stephen Jones

Currently showing in Antwerp, Belgium is Stephen Jones and the Accent of Fashion. Mom sent me through photos that she took last week while there, knowing I have a obsession with, not hats, but exhibition design. This one is amazing with massive hats the size of humans and huge hatboxes. Sections are labelled by inspiration, […]