This Time Last Year… A wander down Paris streets

Some photos since I never posted while I was travelling. This time last year I was wandering from the Arc du Triomphe (where our hotel was) to the Louvre… Excerpt from my diary “Arrived in Paris. Mist started in. After getting fixed up at the airport, we bought museum passes, before hopping on the RER… […]

Key West Part 1: Pirates and The Rum Barrel

Any of me hearties knows I have a serious love of pirates. Arrr an ain’t that be the truth! So when travelling through the US (it was this time last year… I swear I just came back!!), there were two places I had to go. Disneyland for it’s Pirates of the Caribbean ride, and Key […]

Parisian Packaging

Parisians do everything perfectly. Whether it’s designing clothing (hello Chanel), or baking beautiful mouth-watering desserts, nothing is done ‘ok’. I’ve seen a lot of gorgeous packaging before, but then I went to Paris. I wish I had photographed their food section of the department store ‘ Au Printemps’. But I picked up this- little sugar […]

Sunday in Photos

Spent Sunday morning in the Swan Valley, starting at Guildford, photographing the old post office. A stop at Yahava was next (again!) to buy more large coffee bags to frame for decorating the kitchen.  Next: A detour to a boot sale where I picked up bits and pieces for Halloween. And a few snaps of […]

Pygmy Possums and Other Australian Bushlife

You can live somewhere for years and never see the places around you. We found that happened with us when we moved from Vancouver, Canada to Perth, Australia. Suddenly each year we were taking trips back to Canada, just to see it! I figured it would be a good idea to start trekking around and […]