A Coffee Lover’s Dream; Nespresso

While it’s still December (and there it goes…) I thought I’d recap on an event I attended early in the month. As many will know by now, Nespresso has opened it’s second Perth boutique on Murray Street. Nespresso lovers I knew were tap dancing when they heard the news!


To say the least, the boutique is ultra lux, taking the coffee machine buying experience to another level. The boutique is separated into three sections, taking the customer through The Discovery Wall (the range of machines), The Coffee Room (say hello to pods), and The Collection Wall (the accessories).

The event was equally stunning. Not only was a wide selection of canapes served, but champagne flowed freely, and I had my first Nespresso tasting (yes, I’m always miles behind everyone).¬†Overall a wonderful experience, and a great way to start December off.


Many thanks to Nespresso for the invitation to their opening.

image: Nespresso window © Nespresso
Other images: © Bryton Taylor

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