Alaturka, Subiaco

Our experience with Alaturka began with the purchase of a lunch voucher, for two manti pasta dishes and two glasses of wine. I had never been to a Turkish restaurant before, so didn’t know what to expect. Kiwi, on the otherhand, knew exactly what manti was. ‘Manti? I love manti!! When do we go?!?” I was then given a run down (with serious enthusiasm) of some of the best manti dishes he’s had, before booking for a lunch mid week.


Patatesli Manti $21.50
Homemade potato & onion filled pasta topped with a garlic yoghurt, buttered tomato paste and sumak spice

The place is modern and someone has obviously put effort into the design of the place, with its complimenting colours of warm greys, deep reds, and hanging crystal lights. We were seated near the window , and watched as people filled in during their lunch break (if I worked in Subi, I’d be eating there too!!)

Our choices were limited due to our voucher, and so we got one of each, my kiwi trying the Alaturka Ev Mantisi, while I tried Patatesli Manti.

Fortunately I had just gotten up before going for lunch, and hadn’t had breakfast, because, darn, these meals are filling. (I’m a working night owl- morning’s don’t exist for me.) Even then, I only got through half the bowl, while the other bowl was devoured with gusto, I might add. However, the staff were nice enough to pop the rest of my meal into a takeaway container. Worked great for me- my pasta lasted me a couple of munches for a mid afternoon snack, and the rest as a light meal for dinner.

They really were filling and delicious, despite the simple sounding descriptions of the food. They’re the dish you want to dive into on a cold winter day- those traditional hearty meals that warm every inch of you.


Alaturka Ev Mantisi $16.50
Home made lamb mince & onion filled pasta topped with a garlic yoghurt, buttered tomato paste and sumak spice

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