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I had read reviews before going, and quickly I was a little wary. The most recent reviews on urbanspoon weren’t that great, and like those reviews, we had purchased a cudo voucher. At the very least I was expecting to be entertained by the concept of using volcanic stone as heat plates.

What we got, though, thoroughly impressed us.
The restaurant is a house converted, although the front has been done up, so you do look for a business front. It created a smallish cosy feeling inside that’s comfortable, but there was nothing dumpy or rundown about this place (the assumption with a converted house).
Having come in on a Thursday night, we were seated right away. The only tiny thing we found throughout the night, is you have to grab the waitresses eye to get them to take your order or to take away your dishes. But they walk through enough where you have that opportunity easily. The pro side is that I never felt rushed because of it (and if there’s one thing I can’t stand, it’s having dishes whisked away before I’m done. I’m there to eat!!)

The best way to start a night? A bottle of wine. Due to the Cudo voucher we were using, it was selected for us. Mystery River Shiraz, which complimented the meats perfectly.

The meals were served pronto. First up were the chorizo sausage with a side salad. ($12.90) I’m always afraid of ordering entrees and desserts along with main meals. As much as I love to eat, I’m tiny with a tiny stomach, so I worry I won’t eat my entire meal. However the chorizo was a perfect starter. And yes, I finished my meal, with only a slight waddle as I went out the door at the end.


Next our mains- I went for the game platter, a selection of crocodile, boar, venison and kangaroo (I was curious about the croc and boar). On the side a little bowl of bush tomato chutney is presented with another small salad and two potatoes. ($34.90)


The other main ordered was the prime beef fillet ($34.90) On the menu they describe it as the ‘King of steaks’ , to which we completely agree. It’s marinated with a brandy and peppercorn sauce and served up with a well sized field mushroom.


It was a great experience to cook your own food, bite by bite, as you pleased. The meat is pre seasoned/ marinated, although I found some of the meats could have done with a splash of extra flavour (croc). However, that also comes down purely to the type of meats we were having.

To top it off, we ordered ice cream for dessert. The first one was the Don Pedro ($15.00). Basically it’s vanilla ice cream with a shot of Irish Whiskey, crushed walnuts, cream and a cherry on top.


I was intrigued to try the vanilla ice cream ($10.00) purely because it was served on a frozen volcanic stone instead. But the ice cream is amazing. No cheap stuff here, and whatever caramel sauce they use? I want it! Plus they have gummi bears on the side! (Little moment of nostalgia here, my grandpa and I used to order ice cream with gummi bears when I was little)


As an overall it was quite a memorable experience. Definately plan on coming back, with fingers crossed it’s the same quality of food and service. They had it spot on that night.

The only thing I noticed is that, without the voucher, out of habit, we probably wouldn’t have ordered the entree, desserts and full bottle of wine. After all, what we had would’ve come to ~$150. And yet, while the main was fantastic, the entrees and dessert (oh! that dessert!) rounded it off to perfection.

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