Opening of Truffle Kerfuffle 2014

WA is full of amazing produce that is located, at most, a few hours drive away from us here in Perth. One of these products in the truffle, said to be equal, or even said by some to be better in quality, than those found in Europe.

Three years ago, 20 of the farms that were involved with the truffle industry got together and brought to life the idea of a festival, based in the centre of WA’s truffle region and made up of local producers. The result? Truffle Kerfuffle.

I was fortunate to be invited to the opening, one month before the event that’s held in Manjimup. Here’s a sample of photos from the event. Find out more about Truffle Kerfuffle from their official website.

truffle-kerfuffle-2014-bib-and-tucker-manjimup-1 truffle-kerfuffle-2014-bib-and-tucker-manjimup-2 truffle-kerfuffle-2014-bib-and-tucker-manjimup-3 truffle-kerfuffle-2014-bib-and-tucker-manjimup-4 truffle-kerfuffle-2014-bib-and-tucker-manjimup-5 truffle-kerfuffle-2014-bib-and-tucker-manjimup-6 truffle-kerfuffle-2014-bib-and-tucker-manjimup-7 truffle-kerfuffle-2014-bib-and-tucker-manjimup-8 truffle-kerfuffle-2014-bib-and-tucker-manjimup-9

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