Pronto, Claremont

Sometimes the best medicine is a good full bowl of deliciousness. And on the night I went to Pronto, that is exactly what I got. Located on Bayview Terrace in Claremont, the inside is warm and toasty from their pizza oven fired up. We hadn’t booked and, crazily, went in on a Thursday night. We perched up at a bar table while we waited for a table to come available and had a drink of our own wine (there is a byo charge).

The service is friendly but pretty busy, so if you want their attention, it might take a bit. Dishes come out quickly so no hungry belly has to wait too long. And regardless of the busyness, you can still hear yourselves talk.

Spaghetti alla Marinara ($27)

‘A delicious mix of fresh seafood, sauteed with garlic, chilli and tomato sauce’
As you can tell from the menu description, the sauce is simple, nothing over the top, but it’s the perfect compliment, no under or overwhelming, to the fresh seafood, which is generously served.

Bistecca ai Funghi ($35)

‘Prime rib steak (500g) cooked to your liking on the char grill, topped with a mushroom cream sauce and served with potato mash.’ When I asked whether it was good, I got a lot of vigorous head nodding and “mmmm mmm’s” through a mouthful of food. So, when we finally sat back into our chairs with a pat on our belly, we declared we’d definitely be back.

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