Pygmy Possums and Other Australian Bushlife

You can live somewhere for years and never see the places around you. We found that happened with us when we moved from Vancouver, Canada to Perth, Australia. Suddenly each year we were taking trips back to Canada, just to see it! I figured it would be a good idea to start trekking around and seeing Western Australia.


5am the other day I hauled my sister out of bed and dragged her to John Forrest National Park. If anyone thinks 5am is cruel, wait till you get to 9 am when it’s too hot to move. When we got there at 6am, the gates were closed. A minor point to remember, make sure the place is open when you decide to go! Fortunately the ranger was doing his rounds so we were able to putter through another gate. No one was there except a family of kangaroos munching on breakfast.


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There’s supposed to be pygmy possums here too ( this is how I actually bribed my sister to come. She loves anything with ‘pygmy’ in front of it since it represents ‘cute and tiny’), but since they’re nocturnal and endangered (meaning, not many around in the first place!), no pygmies in sight. So I substituted, wrapped myself around a tree and stuck my hands on my head (that would be the substitute pygmy ears). I’m leaving those photos out but will entertain you with my stupidity as we took photos of us jumping like kangaroos. The actual kangaroos didn’t stop mid chew, they just kept on going. Maybe we aren’t the first to mimic them…


The Pygmy Possum


(image from Australian Government; Department of the Environment, Water, Heritage and the Arts website)

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