San Churro, Subiaco


A quote for foodies to live by — Better to have enjoyed & made a mess than to never have enjoyed at all. Although I think that quote applies to most aspects of my life… and home! *ehem*

Wave one of those churro babies under my nose and I’ll drop my gluten free diet in a minute. Fortunately for that diet, I don’t go to San Churro in Subiaco as often as I’d like. But when I do, it’s churros with chocolate sauce and caramel sauce. It’s pure decadence with each bite.

Situated on the corner of Rokbey Rd and Railway in Subiaco, San Churro is a chocolate haven, with an endless selection. A favourite of mine is the Azteca hot chocolate, a drink with an extra little kick of heat from chilli and cinnamon spice that just warms your mouth. Described as Mexican magic on their menu, we couldn’t agree more.

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