Sunday in Photos

Spent Sunday morning in the Swan Valley, starting at Guildford, photographing the old post office.

A stop at Yahava was next (again!) to buy more large coffee bags to frame for decorating the kitchen.

 Next: A detour to a boot sale where I picked up bits and pieces for Halloween. And a few snaps of the camera of the bales of hay next door.

We’ve driven past The House of Honey a few times and this time we decided to make this our main stop. We taste tested their different types of honey- lavender, cinnamon, ginger… Repeat after me: oooommmmm.

The name of their coffee shop? The Sticky Spoon Cafe. With a name like that we had to have a coffee.

Finally we headed home with our shopping (and sticky fingers)- chili honey, sparking honey drink, gluten free honeycomb, and liquorice tea. The cute packaging made me do it.

The afternoon I tried my hand at baking. After all that yummy food tasting I had an urge to chef. However my macarons were a flop (literally. I had to scrape them off the pan.). So I picked up a Fuyu Persimmon as a new food to try instead.

As if that wasn’t enough for one day, i turned an old fish tank (after painting it black yesterday) into an outdoor mini greenhouse for my pumpkin seeds (after the photo was taken it was wrapped in thick plastic). We may have pumpkins for Halloween afterall! We’ve planted them earlier than normal since I found 2 years ago they took longer (as they’re growing through winter here). And so far (hopefully I dont jinx it) I have Big Max, Jack B little, Baby Boo, Jack O’s, and Golden Nugget pumpkins germinating. As well as some corn on the side for the corn stalks. Fingers crossed!

It seems the babies in the family were having a lazy Sunday. ‘Chio found a new resting spot in the pot plant and Cynds enjoyed the warm sun. I’d ask what everyone else did for their Sunday except I’m pretty sure I’m talking to myself here!!!


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