Taste of Perth 2014


Note: My sister and I attended Taste of Perth thanks to Rekorderlig/Exposure PR. Our ticket included free drinks from Rekorderlig and the Citroën VIP tent, and fast entry. However all food and additional drinks were paid for by myself.

Thoughts on Taste of Perth 2014

How you look at Taste of Perth is going to determine how much you’re going to enjoy it. Yes, we’re talking the cost. The best way to enjoy this is to assume you’re going to spend money, and think of this as a smorgasbord of Perth’s elite restaurants. A chance to buy small sample meals and sample the best of the best, without having to dish out a minimum of $30 per person to go and visit every single one. That’s how I saw it, so Madi and I had a good time.

Tickets are $32 if purchased beforehand or at the door for $38 (this cost covers only entry). Then when you’re inside you load up a Crown card (like a debit card for the event). We went for $60 between the two of us, although we were full by the fourth dish, so could’ve spent less if needed.

12-4? Perfect amount of time. They’ve been running these ‘Taste of’ events around the world for several years, so seem to have nailed the amount of time someone is actually going to spend in an event. Between the space allocated, the number of people allowed in for each session, plus the use of Crown cards made the event comfortable (no elbow in you) and smooth (Crown cards mean just a swish of the card, no pin numbers to enter or fumbling with change.).

You can see our day through the eyes of my Twitter account below.


Before Taste of Perth Began



 Taste of Perth? Time To Eat!






















More Photos from Taste of Perth

Taste of Perth Lalla Rookh tortello of mushroom & ricotta in chestnut butter

Lalla Rookh’s tortello of mushroom & ricotta in chestnut butter

Taste of Perth Morish Nuts

Morish Nuts

Taste of Perth Feral Brewery

Feral Brewery

Taste of Perth Peppadew


Taste of Perth Bistro Guillaume

Bistro Guillaume and some mighty tasty looking lamp cutlets

Taste of Perth fudge


Taste of Perth honey


Taste of Perth Print Hall

Print Hall

Taste of Perth Cheese


Taste of Perth Dot AU Vodka

Dot AU Vodka

Taste of Perth Sensology Taste of Perth Cocktail Making

Sensology and the Art of Cocktail Making

Taste of Perth Paul West Lifestyle Food Taste Kitchen

Paul West of Lifestyle Food hosting Taste Kitchen

Taste of Perth Truffle and Wine Co

Truffle and Wine Co products

Taste of Perth Howling Wolves

Howling Wolves wine has been a personal favourite of mine for a few years now

Taste of Perth Vasse Virgin

Vasse Virgin

Taste of Perth Vasse Virgin

Vasse Virgin. Bought some of their Chilli Dukkah

Taste of Perth Greedy Sheep Alchemist Wine

Anything named Greedy Sheep must be cool

Taste of Perth Cookery School

A peek into Cookery School

Taste of Perth Virgin Recharge Bar

Just incase your iphone was running low, Virgin had recharge bars

Taste of Perth Pukara Estate

Pukara Estate products

Taste of Perth Cape Grace Wines

Cape Grace Wines

Taste of Perth Monk Brewery

Monk Brewery

Taste of Perth Monk Brewery

Monk Brewery

Taste of Perth New Norcia Bakery

Our last stop was New Norcia Bakery for some loaves of bread


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