The Lobster, Fremantle

The Lobster, Fremantle

After taking a month to get through and make a booking, my hopes weren’t high. To be honest, I was expecting the worst.

So I was quite surprised to find The Lobster was a cosy quaint little restaurant. With its ‘Freo vibe’, it has a clean comfortable feel, with an open layout. It could be compared to the same standard as the moderate restaurants in Fremantle, and is honestly one you could consider next time you’re in the area.

The Lobster, Fremantle

I had used a voucher from Groupon (thanks to credit from Groupon), for a seafood platter for two, which came with glasses of wine for each, a salad to share and bowl of wedges with sweet chilli sauce. A really good balance of quality and good value.

The Lobster, Fremantle

There was no fishiness to any of the food, a good sign that it’s fresh. The barramundi, which you can request to have grilled instead of battered, was delicious. With the selection of oysters, mussels, battered squid, salmon, scallops, prawns, chips and salad, you were left comfortably full.

The Lobster, Fremantle

I think the only thing that made me squirm, was having to de-vein my own prawns at the dinner table.

The staff was efficient, always in view, but didn’t hover. The food came out quickly, but we never felt we were rushed through our meal.

The Lobster, Fremantle
All in all, a nice little place to stop in when you’re in the Freo area. The food is fresh, the staff friendly, and atmosphere casual.

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  1. Hazel October-Byrne says

    Dear Bryton Taylor
    I had a completely different experience to you. We had a seafood platter for two which was barely enough for one. I do not understand how you could be comfortably numb. The food was nice enough, albeit a bit cold, but were dealt badly by the waiters. Had to come home early and did not have enough time to drink a bottle of wine between two. The food took about 10 minutes to eat.
    Your comments would be appreciated.
    Hazel and Fi

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