The Suite, Shenton Park

This may have been the first time I’ve been out to eat in Perth, where the price was below $15, the meal was fresh, and filling enough, where I couldn’t finish it all. My friend, Jess, over at The Tales Compendium, chose this place in Shenton Park for a lunch catch up last week.

This place is run by a company, Dark Horse Developments, who also run Boho Bar in Margaret River and The Cabin in Scarborough (my next bar to check out, I’ve heard they serve warm apple cider brewed on site. My curiosity is piqued!) Their bars, from what I can tell, are consistent. Like The Suite, they’re small, cosy, with a guarantee of brick exposed walls (the interior trend at the moment it seems). Here at The Suite, the brick was balanced with deep teal walls, wooden text and a tangerine coloured door.


I ordered a Napoleone and Co apple cider while I waited for Jess to arrive. When she did, our orders were taken by a waitress, whose easy going attitude fit perfectly with The Suite’s laid back feel.


Roman Gnocchi with Roasted Pumpkin, Sage and Valdeon served with a rocket and walnut salad $12

Jess chose the Roman Gnocchi with Roasted Pumpkin, Sage and Valdeon served with a Rocket and Walnut Salad. Before last week, I’ve always known gnocchi to be made from potato and served as small dumpling shaped. As it turns out, and much to our surprise, gnocchi can vary immensely in shape and ingredients, with Roman gnocchi being made from a semolina porridge-y dough combined with eggs.

This particular gnocchi was served ‘cookie cutter style’, cut out with those crinkle edged cutters. The texture is much fluffier than the gnocchi we know, and the pumpkin, sage and Valdeon (a blue cheese) was a nice, but also essential, combination. Without it, it would’ve been bland.
As for the salad, the dressing was not overly tangy on the rocket lettuce, and was served with a scattering of walnuts.


My choice was to try a lunchbox special, beef and red wine stew with mashed potato. As it turns out, the lunchbox specials are literally served in little takeaway lunchboxes, another surprise for the day. First the box was layered with the mashed potato on the bottom (which answered my concern of, I hope it doesn’t leak?) with the stew mixture on top. It really was quite good- the meat was cooked well so the meat was tender and easily fell apart. No tough chewing or getting yucky chunks of fat caught in your mouth. It was hearty and when I finished eating, it wasn’t because I had finished the box (I couldn’t) but rather because I was full.

For a rainy winter day, this place is the perfect catch up spot with comforting warm food with good pricing without lowering the quality.


Beef and Red Wine Stew with Mashed Potato $12.50

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