Zoo Cafe and/or Zee Bar, Broome

The menu said Zoo Cafe, but the bar said Zee Bar. Was it one and the same or was there an invisible line somewhere in the room?  Whichever one we were at, we chose the perfect night.

Zoo Cafe and/or Zee Bar, Broome

Mondays have half priced tapas,¬†so several were selected and all were downed until we were comfortably full. Tapas are perfect for Broome weather where the mugginess brings you to a slow crawl, and a chilled beer tempts you into a chair where you’ll linger as long as possible.

Zoo Cafe and/or Zee Bar, Broome

Each platter was a perfect size and was incredibly delectable, each ranging in price from $4-$6

Left to right:

Chorizo and caperberries: The capers were pickled that make your mouth pucker. Ooo!

Croquettes: The fillings change. Ours was a vegetarian (spinach from memory?), while on their menu they also sometimes have barramundi. A favourite.

Salad of couscous, roasted pumpkin, piquillo peppers and yoghurt dressing: Amazing. Tempted to try making this at home.

Baby octopus: as it turns out, the only seafood my sister will eat. They must’ve been cooked perfectly as they were chewy but not rubbery.

If you come into Broome on a Monday, this is the perfect place to have your first meal. Tapas are a simple, not too heavy meal that fits perfectly with the Broome heat.

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